Student discount card in Uk

A student discount card in the UK is a card that provides students with access to exclusive discounts and deals from a wide range of retailers, restaurants, and other businesses. These discounts are often only available to students and can help to reduce the cost of shopping, dining, and entertainment.

There are several student discount cards available in the UK. Here are a few popular options:

NUS (National Union of Students) Extra Card: This card offers a wide range of discounts for students, including discounts on fashion, food, technology, and more. It costs £12 for one year or £22 for two years.

UNiDAYS: This free app offers discounts for students at over 200 popular retailers, including ASOS, Apple, and Nike.

Student Beans: This free app offers discounts for students at a variety of retailers, including Adidas, Microsoft, and The Body Shop.

Totum: This card, formerly known as NUS Extra, offers discounts for students at a range of retailers, as well as discounts on travel, music, and more. It costs £14.99 for one year or £24.99 for two years.

Keep in mind that some retailers may also offer their own student discounts, so it’s always worth checking their websites or asking in-store. Additionally, some universities may have their own student discount schemes, so be sure to check with your institution.

These cards can be used both in-store and online and typically require proof of student status, such as a valid student ID or university email address.

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Being a student is not only about learning, it’s also about taking advantage of all the great discounts that come with it.”

To get a student discount card, you’ll usually need to sign up online or in-store and provide some basic information, such as your name, email address, and university details. Some cards may charge a fee for membership, while others are free to join. Once you have a card, you can start taking advantage of the discounts and deals on offer.